Dr Yogesh B Pancholi

Dr Yogesh B Pancholi has over 20 years experience with treating mood disorders and over 10 years in Recovery Medicine. He is relocating to the Northshore of the Greater New Orleans Area and is excited to share his expertise, experience and personality with new patients.

"I hold the bar very high for myself and my staff. Practicing medicine to me for me is patient education. This is the foundation in establishing recovery. I look forward working with you in this process of beating dependency together." 


After completing his clinical years of medical school in Spanish Harlem, South Bronx and the Lower West Side of New York City, he completed his Internal Medicine Residency at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY.


Returning to RI where he grew up, Dr Pancholi spent 5 years as a Clinical Instructor with the Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University where he was awarded the Dean's Teaching Excellence Award.


"It was a great time teaching outstanding and amazing medical student, interns and residents. We covered Primary Care, Urgent Care and Hospitalist Medicine at the same time. I felt I gave back to academics what I received from it; outstanding, brilliant and encouraging Teaching Attending Physicians I was blessed with in my training."


The last 12 years found him practicing Primary Care, Emergency Medicine and Urgent Care Medicine but the drive to battle Dependency kept calling him. "It's an epidemic. Often it's poly-abuse. I don't like the word substance because food and chaos is often in the mix. And not in a good way." 


"My philosophy is that medications help. They do help. But the foundation of treatment is ALWAYS behavioral modification. That's not only changing the things we do. In dependency, it's primarily changing the way we think. And more importantly is changing the way we don't think."


Our process to beating Dependency




I tell my patients to go back to 35,000 years ago. What were we doing? We were gathering and hunting. Always grazing and moving. Always drinking water.


Our clan was together. Even if others didn't know why we were not well, and we didn't have complex language, somebody would come and just sit next to us.


There is a transfer of healing between these two. Call it energy, the Holy Spirit or the ethers or anything else. It doesn't matter what we call it. What does matter is that it is a real phenomenon.


That's keeping in touch. To be close enough to touch another human being.


Facebook, texting, tweeting and even speaking on the phone is not 'keeping in touch'.


This is the foundation of healing and recovery. We were not created or wired to be alone. I want you who are struggling with Dependency to know that you are not alone.

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