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Recovery is a process and a path we will travel on together.

First, we will address the cravings.

Second, mood disorders will be identified and effectively treated.

Then we will begin the real work.

It's simple but it's not easy.

It doesn't have to be overwhelming and you are not alone. 


The power of one helping another suffering is without parallel.

Once again, you are not alone.

Physician led.


The work continues.

Progress rather than perfection.

As we continue to peel off layers of our disease, new issues will arise.

Together we tackle them and move to the next layer.


Being able to switch off our "fight or flight monkey mind" is a powerful skill to learn and use. There are many forces making us feel less than or unsafe or unattractive or unsafe. "Your beauty magazine makes my girlfriend feel ugly".

This is the Dis-Ease that is the foundation of many current illnesses.

We will guide you through the simple powerful technique I have learned from my Guruji; Dhyanyogi.

Dhyanyogi taught me the ancient and powerful Kundalini Maha Yoga when I was 8 years old.




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